Howdy, and welcome to my little corner of the web. I'm Esther, the hands and heart behind Esther Kao Jewelry. I am both a metalsmith and a mother, and I've spent the last 8+ years pursuing both. 

My background was originally in advertising - I was an art director for years. I started taking metalsmithing classes as an outlet from my demanding job, and fell in love with it. I had been making jewelry and doing shows for a few years by then, but I’d become increasingly frustrated because my designs were limited to my skill. I couldn’t solder. Or set stones. Once I started taking class and experimenting, I knew I had discovered something that just felt right. I found such joy in turning raw materials into finished pieces. And I liked it so much I quit my day job to pursue that. 

And then came the babies - we have three kids now - and I had to learn to balance being a mom with being a creative. So that's where I am on my journey right now: metalsmith and mother. I feel like I am constantly learning and experimenting in both realms. 

My kids have become a source of inspiration for my work: from the creative ways they play, to the things they wonder about. I combine that curiosity with my love of asymmetrical and geometric forms to come up with my designs. I hope that I will always find inspiration from my little ones!